Lauren Witzke Tells White Nationalist Radio Host That Republicans Are Too Afraid Of Being Called ‘Racist’

On the Jan. 2, 2021 episode of The Political Cesspool, former Senate candidate Lauren Witzke called out the Republican Party as being afraid to support candidates who speak out against immigration. Witzke told the show’s host, white nationalist James Edwards, that the Republicans are afraid of being called “racist.”

She also continued to spread election conspiracies and predicted that Joe Biden will not take office.

According to his website’s statement of principles, The Political Cesspool “stands for the The Dispossessed Majority” and “represent[s] a philosophy that is pro-White.” It goes on to say that they “wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.”

Edwards himself has called Nathan Bedford Forrest — the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan — a “hero,” smeared Martin Luther King Jr. as a “fat, greasy, white-hating Communist,” written that “Interracial sex is white genocide,” referred to gay men as “fags” and “sodomites,” and proclaimed that “Everyone knows the GOP is the white party.”

In response to a question about the Republican Party and its support for Trump by co-host Keith Alexander, Witzke claimed that there is a “planned, coordinated attack by the darkest forces of evil” against America and President Trump.

“They hate President Trump because he stands for restricting immigration,” she explained. “He stands for building a border around our nation.” And she he parroted the false claim that Trump was “winning by such a landslide” on election night that the vote count was stopped and pro-Biden ballots were manufactured.

Witzke then chastised the Republican Party for failing to adopt what she called the Democrats’ “win at all costs” mentality.” She added that the Republicans were “cowardly” and “spineless” for somehow not securing President Trump a second term after his decisive loss to Joe Biden.

Later in the show she called her Democratic opponent, Sen. Chris Coons, “pure evil” and “vehemently opposed to Christian values” over his support for abortion rights, and claimed that Joe Biden has dementia.

“We all know, like, it’s common knowledge that Joe Biden has dementia,” she said. “Like, we knew this before he launched his campaign. We didn’t think he was gonna make it past the primary. And it’s just unbelievable that the Democrat [sic] Party decided to choose a man with dementia as their presidential nominee.”

Still, Witzke predicted that, for some reason, “Joe Biden will never take office.”

Keith Alexander interrupted to ask her why the Republican Party didn’t fully embrace her candidacy during the primary. Witzke replied that she ran on a “Trumpian platform” while the GOP “hates anything Trump.”

“The whole smaller government, Tea Party thing — the lower taxes, smaller government — when our families are struggling and dying from opioid addiction, can’t get jobs, crushed by student loan debt but being replaced by cheap foreign labor, these are issues that matter,” she said. “And the GOP doesn’t wanna talk about them ’cause they’re so afraid of being called ‘racist.'”

Though in Lauren Witzke’s case, her appearance on The Political Cesspool is just the latest example of her open associations with white nationalists. Prior to this she had appeared on a livestream with VDARE founder Peter Brimelow, and was a guest on Happy Homelands — a YouTube show hosted by Paul Ray Ramsey.

And she has made multiple racist comments on social media.

On Dec. 11, 2020, she warned her Twitter followers that “Voodoo Africans are migrating into America, infiltrating the Christian Faith, and establishing churches on the pulpit of abortion and social justice.” When a Black pastor criticized one of her tweets, she responded by telling him that “Voodoo Africans shouldn’t come into America and bring their heathen religions under the guise of Christianity with them.”

She followed this up by tweeting, “We’re sending you back to Africa to practice your witchcraft there.”

The following day she tweeted that “Democrats will want us to take in hordes of dirty, illiterate people-and then the @GOP will give them special protections to take your job.” On Jan. 3, 2021 Witzke called “Third world migration” a “biological weapon” that President-elect Joe Biden “will use to destroy what’s left of our beautiful country.”

On Dec. 14, 2020 she retweeted a photo of Sen. Chris Coons with his hands clasped. “Rubbing his little rat-claw hands,” she wrote. “Chris rat-claw Coons.” Her followers picked up on what they believed to be a dog whistle.

“Who else rubs their hands?” asked user @dru_mn, hinting at the “Happy Merchant” — an antisemitic caricature of a Jewish man rubbing his hands. “She almost named them,” tweeted @prisoner97503, alluding to the antisemitic slogan “Name the Jew.”

“Almost there Lauren almost…” wrote @1488Ban. “1488” refers to the 14 Words, a phrase coined by a Neo-Nazi terrorist, and “Heil Hitler” — as “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Most recently, on Jan. 15, 2021, she retweeted photos of MyPillow creator Mike Lindell loitering at the White House. “The day of the pillow is coming,” Witzke wrote.

The “Day of the Rope” is an event from the white supremacist book The Turner Diaries during which hundreds of “race traitors” — politicians, journalists, etc. — are lynched. Over time racists have turned the “Day of the X” format into a meme, with one example being the “Day of the Brick” — an online campaign that advocated attacking journalists with bricks.