Headlines — 12/25/20

President Trump pardons Blackwater contractors responsible for 2007 Haditha massacre, Proud Boys stole and burned Black Lives Matter signs from historically Black churches, Alex Jones fires prominent Infowars hosts, and more.

The Week – Trump’s ghoulish pardons.
VICE News – Iraqis who survived the Blackwater massacre are devastated by Trump’s pardons.
Salon – NY Attorney General subpoenas pro-Trump troll Jacob Wohl for voter suppression scheme.
Wonkette – Is Amy Coney Barrett secretly Joe Biden’s dead daughter? QAnon creeps think so!
Right Wing Watch – The QAnon General: Tracing the rise, fall, and rebirth of Michael Flynn.
The Daily Beast – A massive purge is underway at Alex Jones’ Infowars.
Media Matters – The white nationalist ties of the next big civil rights case.
HuffPost – Avowed pedophile who ran for Congress accused of kidnapping child for sex.
Hatewatch – Proud Boys destroy churches’ Black Lives Matter signs during protest in Washington, D.C.