Mark Collett Lashes Out At Conservatives After Twitter Ban

In a November 11, 2020 livestream, British Neo-Nazi Mark Collett confirmed what many of his fans already knew: Twitter had suspended his account. At the time of his suspension — which appears to have been November 10 — Collett had amassed roughly 60,000 followers. He had also been retweeted by prominent conservatives, including Ann Coulter and Rep. Steve King of Iowa.

During the livestream — which originally broadcast on the extremist-friendly gaming website DLive and was uploaded to Bitchute — Collett said we are living through “truly frightening times.” He claimed that social networking sites like Twitter composed a new “virtual town square,” and that the “powers that be can remove you from that at the click of a button.”

Collett eulogized his Twitter account, claiming that at the time he was banned he had “over 60,000 followers” and that he was getting some “12 million Twitter views” per month. “There are groups that exist solely to prevent us [from] talking to people about demographics, about migration, about issues that are happening in America re. BLM,” Collett said.

Collett also complained about Twitter censoring President Trump — although he isn’t being censored at all. “The highest elected office in the world, the man who is meant to be the most powerful man in the world, the leader of what is known as the “free world” — the West — is now being told what he can and can’t say by big tech companies,” he claimed. In reality Twitter has simply placed disclaimers on Trump’s election falsehoods.

“And yes, I only had 60,000 followers,” he continued. “I had a decent reach. I had been retweeted by people like Ann Coulter, Katie Hopkins, celebrities, sitting senators and governors — I had even been retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.” (Indeed, in 2018 Collett had also been retweeted by white supremacist and (soon to be former) Representative Steve King of Iowa.) “But that doesn’t matter,” he said, “because at the push of a button, at the click of a mouse, it’s all gone.”

Collett also excoriated conservatives who’ve failed to stand up for white nationalists like himself who have been deplatformed over the years.

Collett said that “mainstream conservatives” have “sat on their hands and whistled whilst everyone to the right of them has been censored, and deplatformed, and had their accounts taken away.” He went on to say that those conservatives will soon be the “last people on those networks that say anything that in any way — even in the slightest way — countersignals the liberal, anti-white, progressive, degenerate narrative.”

He predicted that not only will those conservatives eventually be banned as well, but that deplatforming from social media and payment processors is a slippery slope to racists having their utilities shut off.

“And this is all going in one direction,” Collett told viewers. “It’s all moving towards one thing. Eventually, all of these big companies — your broadband provider, your electricity provider, your gas provider, your water provider — will they be going through peoples’ names and [saying] ‘Oh, Mr. Collett … is that the guy? Yeah we’ll ask him for proof of ID and we’ll get rid of him.’ ‘Cause that’s what happened to me with PayPal.”

[The following clips are from a 52 minute livestream.]