Right-Wing Extremists Are Losing Their Shit Over Trump’s Loss

On November 7, 2020, multiple media outlets finally announced that former Vice President Joe Biden had won the state of Pennsylvania and is now President-elect of the United States. The White House’s current occupant, a fascist who empowered domestic terrorists and used the government’s power to target his political enemies, would be one of only eleven presidents to lose reelection.

But what about President Trump’s most rabid supporters? Predictably enough, they have been undergoing a spectacular meltdown on social media, with reactions ranging from denial (insisting Trump had actually won) to anger (openly thirsting for violence against Democrats and anti-fascists).

Cassandra Fairbanks, a writer for the conspiracy-peddling website Gateway Pundit who once called the “Unabomber” a “brilliant man,” tweeted, “My draft tweets would have Pinochet telling me to chill the fuck out lol.” Augusto Pinochet was a fascist Chilean dictator who murdered, tortured, or imprisoned over 40,000 people.

About an hour later she tweeted again. “No matter who ultimately wins, Trump or the cheaters, we must work to get someone 1000x meaner and more nationalist than Trump in there for 2024,” she wrote. “Pay back.” Later she tweeted a screen shot of a page from the book The Death of the West by white supremacist Pat Buchanan. The chapter that was displayed was titled “The Intimidated Majority.”

The Twitter account for the Holocaust-denying media outlet Liberty Hangout tweeted “The time has come @realDonaldTrump,” alongside a photo of Pinochet saluting.

Gavin Wax, chair of the New York Young Republicans Club and open ally of white nationalists, immediately melted down as well. On November 4, he tweeted that “Trump needs to declare victory tonight,” but later tweeted “If Biden declares [victory] it’s a war.” A day before the race was called for Biden, Wax falsely called it a coup d’état.

“The military-industrial complex cannot be allowed to steal this election,” Wax wrote. “Stop the coup.”

Malaysian disinformation peddler Ian Miles Cheong, stinging from the loss, warned pundits and politicians that the “people will remember those disloyal to Trump.” Jon Jafari, a comedian and YouTube personality who once praised white supremacist Rep. Steve King of Iowa, tweeted “Anybody else a big fan of this store?” alongside a photo of a Banana Republic.

On November 7, far-right smear merchant Patrick Howley of the website National File hysterically called the election a “COMMUNIST TAKEOVER.” He later tweeted “SUPREME COURT. If they drive us out, we live fully under the rule of Lucifer’s minions.” On November 8 he falsely claimed that “Trump still has a path to victory! The media is not the electoral college!”

And figures connected to the “groyper” movement chimed in as well. The so-called “groyper army” seeks to push the Republican Party further right, and make their antisemitic and white nationalist beliefs more palatable by labeling them as “America first.”

Darren Beattie, who lost a job with the Trump administration for attending a white supremacist conference, tweeted on November 5, “All of the ballot shenanigans happening at the most low-IQ third world urban areas. Soweto tier democracy.” The next day he shared an article from his Revolver News website calling for Republican legislatures to ignore the results and send pro-Trump electors to Washington to reelect Trump.

White nationalist and “Unite the Right” marcher Matt Colligan excitedly tweeted on November 4, “TRUMP WON THE ELECTION. DON’T LET THEM TAKE IT.” And two days later he shared a doctored photo of Trump drawing Pepe the Frog on the border fence along with the caption, “PUT ON YOUR MAGA HAT, IT’S TIME TO DFEEND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.”

On November 6, white nationalist Scott Greer announced that “Trump must build a movement to punish the Republican traitors and remake the party in his own image.” On November 7, Greer retweeted a CNN announcement about Joe Biden’s victory, adding “YOU ARE FAKE NEWS.” He is currently retweeting bogus claims of election fraud, and insisting Trump can still win.

Far-right author and white nationalist sympathizer Michelle Malkin tweeted the morning the election was called that “Election Fraud Deniers are a threat to our constitutional republic.” Even more hilariously, she simply tweeted “NO” less than an hour later. And on November 9 she retweeted Joe Biden and wrote “You won’t be president.”

On the November 6 episode of his America First podcast, white nationalist Nick Fuentes issued a “call to action” for his viewers to protest the results. Clinging to the lie that Trump “won the election” and Democrats are “trying to steal it,” Fuentes gave what he called a “groyper greenlight” for people to “get out in the streets.” He encouraged people to attend pro-Trump rallies in their state capitols.

Fuentes suggested people from neighboring states participate as well.

“If you’re in Chicago, for example, go to Madison [Wisconsin]; if you’re in Indiana, go to Lansing [Michigan]; if you’re in California, go to Phoenix [Arizona], go to Carson City [Nevada],” he instructed. “But everybody needs to get out there in the streets, to the state capitols at noon tomorrow of these swing states and demonstrate.”

And white supremacist and ex-Klan leader David Duke, who enthusiastically backed Donald Trump in his first run for president, took to the airwaves to denounce the election as a sham. Duke told listeners of his show that the 2020 presidential election was “one of the most incredible, tyrannical, corrupt elections in American history,” if not “the planet.”

In an increasingly bitter rant, Duke called it the “most manipulated, controlled, corrupt election” and compared the U.S. to a banana republic. Duke railed against the “Zionist elite that is controlling the media” and “the international banks,” suggesting these shadowy, Jewish forces were responsible for Trump’s loss.

“This is a good thing for us, for the American people to realize — European-Americans especially — to realize, that this election was stolen,” he griped.

Meanwhile Trump’s most vocal, far-right supporters are scheduled to descend on Washington, D.C. on November 14 in order to protest a free and fair election that they insist was a coup d’état. Among the people who are supposed to be in attendance are Michelle Malkin, Cassandra Fairbanks, Nick Fuentes, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and Neo-Nazi collaborator Jack Posobiec.

As reported by the anti-racist organization One People’s Project, a promotional video for the event was uploaded to Telegram by Brien James, a co-founder of the racist skinhead group Vinlanders Social Club and the founder of the extremist American Guard. The video was set to the anthem of the Männerbund (male association) — an organization for young boys inspired by German philosopher Hans Blüher — which has been adopted by Neo-fascists.