Roger Stone: People Who Reject Election Fraud Claims Are Like ‘Holocaust Deniers’

During a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show, long-time Trump confidante Roger Stone lashed out at people who rejected bogus claims of widespread voter fraud. According to Stone — whose 40-month prison sentence for lying to Congress and witness tampering was commuted by President Trump — anyone who doesn’t believe Republican claims of voter fraud is akin to a “Holocaust denier.”

“Alex it’s really extraordinary what’s going on here, but a hoax is being perpetrated on the American people that Joe Biden is the legitimate President of the United States through a elaborate PSYOP,” he told Jones during a November 10, 2020 appearance.

He added, wrongly, that “they know that Donald Trump, in fact, won a majority of all legal votes cast.”

Although the Trump campaign and the Republican Party as a whole have been flinging accusations of voter fraud, they have been unable to find any concrete examples. Multiple legal challenges in various swing states have struggled to move forward or ended in failure, including an Arizona suit over the use of Sharpies to fill out ballots in Maricopa County.

On November 12, an attorney for the Trump campaign admitted to the judge in that case that their own search for evidence of voter fraud yielded lies and “spam,” and then claimed it was “not a fraud case” after all. And it was recently reported that that same attorney admitted on cross examination to having used his own business partner as a witness in the case.

Efforts to toss votes in Pennsylvania over alleged “irregularities” have fared little better. In a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Elections, a Trump campaign attorney was asked by the presiding judge if there was “any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots.” The attorney replied, “To my knowledge at present, no.”

And in Michigan, the Third Judicial Circuit Court rejected a Trump campaign attempt to block the certification of election results in Wayne County. Chief Judge Timothy Kenny said that to stop the certification process would be an “unprecedented exercise of judicial activism,” and claimed the Trump campaign’s “interpretation of events” was “incorrect and not credible.”

Indeed, there is simply no evidence of voter fraud of the degree that would change the outcome of the election. But faced with the inevitability of Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021, people like Roger Stone continue to grasp at straws, defiantly shouting that the election was rigged or stolen. And anyone who points out that Trump’s diehard supporters are wrong is demonized.

Stone accused Democrats of “attempting to bury their theft of this election” while “trying to put the stamp of legitimacy on this egregious act of, not only injustice, but a fraud.” Stone added that, “The deeper you dig you know that not only do they, like Holocaust deniers — despicable people — they kept insisting ‘No, no, there is no evidence of fraud.'”

Promoting his #StopTheSteal campaign, Stone promised that there is “insurmountable” evidence of fraud, but complained that such evidence is “censored” online. Stone also advertised a far-right, anti-democracy rally scheduled to take place on November 14 in Washington, D.C. He told Jones that “we have to show our numbers” which is why the D.C. rally is “crucial.”