‘They Want To Murder You’: Alex Jones Reacts To Possible Trump Loss

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has long been one of President Trump’s biggest boosters. But faced with a tight race in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, even the Infowars host is finding it difficult to stay optimistic. During his eponymous Alex Jones Show, he warned his audience that Trump’s enemies might kill them and destroy the nation if Biden wins.

“Trump’s gonna lose, okay?” Jones warned. “He’s gonna get removed. They’re gonna probably set nukes off, okay? You’re all gonna be starving to death soon. I’m not kidding! This is a Chi-Com globalist takeover, people! We’re all in grave damn danger!” He added that, if Trump loses, “they’re gonna kill him.”

Later Jones went on a tirade about the election, which he connected to economic collapse and riots. “When they get Joe Biden in, and then they select whoever they want to replace him, they’re going to plunge the stock market, start huge wars, they’re gonna trigger more race rioting, and they’re gonna gut this country because they don’t want this country to be powerful,” he said.

Jones’ explanation as to why “they” want to destroy the country was that it “makes all these hunchback, devil-worshiping Rothschilds and New World Order people feel powerful.” He continued his rant, telling his viewers “they don’t like you. They wanna hurt you. They enjoy it. They’re bad people. Stop projecting your goodness on them and grow up.”

Jones then described the “Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the whole political class” as “psychotics” and “devil-worshiping pedophiles” who “rape” and “kill” children — a possible allusion to the Pizzagate hoax which Jones once promoted.

“They go into African countries and inject everyone with sterilants and cancer viruses,” he said. “And now, like Bill Gates said, no reason only the Africans should be getting all this, Bill Gates said in a speech, and opened up the mosquitoes and started laughing. He wants to kill you just as much as he wants to kill those Black people.”

The billionaire philanthropist has long been a target of conspiracies about forced sterilizations and global depopulation due to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s work in promoting vaccinations. The emergence of the global COVID-19 pandemic gave new life to these conspiracies, as extremists vowed not to take the “Gates vaccine.”

Jones capped off this stream of nonsensical bullshit by reiterating to his audience that this vague cabal of evildoers was out to get them. “They want to dominate you,” Jones said sternly. “They want to kill you. Get it through your head. They want to murder you. They want to take you over. They want to conquer you. They want to annihilate you. They want to destroy you.”

“So stop putting up with them,” he advised. “And start resisting now. Or, just blow your damn brains out.”

[The following clips are from a three hour episode of The Alex Jones Show.]