Headlines — 11/03/20

Why Bush v. Gore still matters, members of the Neo-Nazi group The Base arrested in Michigan, what’s in store for immigrants during a second Trump term, and more.

HuffPost – The vast far-right web behind the Hunter Biden story.
ProPublica – Why Bush v. Gore still matters in 2020.
Mother Jones – Why a second Trump term would be even worse for immigrants.
Motherboard – The man who helped turn 4chan into the Internet’s racist engine.
The Daily Beast – Neo-Nazis who targeted podcaster and terrorized random family busted in MI: cops.
Media Matters – Militia leader Stewart Rhodes says that his group will be at polling locations and is ready to kill Democrats.
The Washington Post – Trump cheers supporters who swarmed a Biden bus in Texas: ‘These patriots did nothing wrong.’
The Daily Dot – Meet the conservative blogger whose reporting even the far-right won’t touch.
BuzzFeed News – A judge blocked a Trump policy that allowed officials to deny residency to immigrants who might use public benefits.
The Intercept – QAnon and a rape joke spell trouble for Republican congressman in Florida.