Jim Goad Joins White Nationalist Publishing House As A Biweekly Columnist

Far-right author Jim Goad announced earlier this month that he accepted a job as a biweekly columnist for Counter-Currents Publishing, a white nationalist imprint co-founded in 2010 by Greg Johnson. Goad made the announcement during an interview with Johnson, and revealed that he left his position with the racist publication Taki’s Magazine.

Goad has rejected the white nationalist label, but has provided a platform for white supremacists and Holocaust deniers on his podcast, and made appearances on white supremacist media outlets. His decision to work for Greg Johnson, who called for the ethnic cleansing of the United States and Europe, is the clearest indication of his white nationalist sympathies.

During the October 6, 2020 episode of Counter-Currents Radio, Goad told Johnson that he had a falling out with Mandolyna Theodoracopulos — daughter of Taki Magazine’s founder and namesake and the website’s current executive editor. Goad claimed that he and Mandolyna had a number of creative differences, and that she had made unwelcome edits to his articles.

“If you wondered why ‘The Week That Perished’ started sucking, it’s because about two or three years ago she insisted on picking half of the topics,” Goad said, referencing his weekly column for the site. He complained about editorial decisions such as changing “the word ‘shit’ to ‘crap,’ as if that makes the shit stink any less.”

Goad said the “last straw” was when he discovered she had changed the title of a September 28 article in which he suggested burning people who call for “arson” and “violent insurrection” “at the stake.” Mandolyna had apparently altered the original title — “Burn It Down? Why Not Burn Them At The Stake” — to “Burn Them Down,” which, he insisted, “made no sense.”

Greg Johnson said he had written to Goad and offered to “match what Taki’s paying [him]” as well as give him “creative freedom” and “a more receptive environment.” Goad promptly used that “creative freedom” to pen a racist screed in which he, among other things, called Black children “human welfare check[s]” and wrote that “Crime is another area in which blacks are peerlessly supreme.”

He concluded the article, which features a horrifically racist caricature of a Black man, by writing, “Only an irredeemably jealous racist would deny blacks their rightful place as the intercontinental champeens [sic] of rape, basketball, and child-naming.”

In an October 22 article titled “White Nationalism: What Was The Question Again?”, Goad once again claimed that he is not, in fact, a white nationalist because he was “born without a group instinct.” However, he admitted that “Never once have I said ‘white nationalism is wrong.'”

He went on to write, “If living in an all-white country means I’ll be living in a place where the population hasn’t been brainwashed since birth into thinking I deserve to be killed merely for having European DNA, that sounds nice.” Though he also said that if the “ethnostate” is filled with “humorless medieval LARPers” he would “rather live in Harlem.”

Still, regardless of whether Goad technically identifies as a white nationalist, his columns demonstrate that he will fit in with a website that publishes the work of a slew of white supremacists and fascists, both living and dead.