White Nationalist Podcasters Mock Debate Question On Child Separation Policy

During the second and final presidential debate, President Trump was asked about a recent report that the government cannot find the parents of approximately 545 migrant children. The families were separated in accordance with a draconian “zero tolerance” policy enacted by the Trump administration in 2017 and ramped up in 2018.

During a livestream by the white supremacist media outlet Red Ice, hosts Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren mocked the question and suggested that the policy was necessary.

The hosts groaned as Christine Welker began asking the question, and Henrik Palmgren wondered why they weren’t talking about “whites being replaced intentionally in this country.” When Trump was asked directly how he planned on reuniting these children with their parents, Lana Lokteff exclaimed, “You reunite them by sending them all back home!”

While Biden was responding to the same topic, Palmgren asked “What are you going to do?” while Lokteff called the children’s parents “stupid” for coming to the U.S. White nationalist Dave Reilly, a guest on the show, interjected to ask about “all the kids separated from their parents on the south side of Chicago” — a truly bizarre bit of whataboutism.

After President Trump grotesquely claimed that the kidnapped migrant children were “so well taken care of,” the hosts agreed. “Yeah we’ve seen it,” Lokteff said, claiming that the children are being warehoused in “upper middle class suburbs” where they’re “playing video games.”

All three agreed that the focus on family separation was improper, however. “But wait, so the only thing about immigration though is about these kids and their parents at the border?” Lokteff asked. “Like that’s the fucking question?” Reilly said the “conversation should be about expatriation” at this point.

President Trump boasted that his administration ended the so-called “catch-and-release” program, which essentially means releasing people detained at the border into the U.S. while they await their immigration court hearings. Trump made the false and racist claim that only immigrants “with the lowest IQ” show up for hearings. In reality, the overwhelming majority of immigrants do.

All three white nationalists laughed at Trump’s comment about immigrants with the “lowest IQ,” with Palmgren praising the remark as “based.”