Far-Right Podcaster Suggests Violence Is Necessary To Prevent White ‘Genocide’ In South Africa

During the white supremacist show Flashback Friday, host Henrik Palmgren and his guest “Raging Humanist” promoted the myth of white genocide in South Africa. Raging Humanist, a Saskatchewan-based far-right podcaster, also repeatedly suggested that white South Africans might have to resort to violence to prevent their own “genocide.”

On the October 16, 2020 episode of Flashback Friday, Palmgren and Raging Humanist discussed the recent murder of a white farm manager named Brendin Horner. Horner’s alleged killers are Black, and the police captain investigating the case said that the pair was connected to a group of livestock thieves.

As reported by the New York Times, on October 6th, “several hundred white protesters gathered outside the courthouse in Senekal where the two suspects were appearing for a hearing.” Some of these protesters “set a police van on fire and stormed the court holding cells, demanding that the defendants be turned over to them.”

As a large graphic appeared on the screen that read “BREAKING POINT: SOUTH AFRICA TO ERUPT?,” Henrik Palmgren stated that “there’s been protests there” and “white farmers have lined up, including Suidlander[s]” who did a livestream. Suidlanders is a South African prepper group with extensive white nationalist ties. He claimed South Africa is “pretty damn close” to erupting in racial violence.

Raging Humanist told Palmgren that “some people are pushing” for racial violence, adding “I can’t condemn them for that.”

“They’ve been killing people in the thousands, not like ‘Oops, I hit them with my car,’ I mean they’re boiling children alive in front of their parents, they’re raping the women in front of their husbands and killing people, hanging them, skinning them alive, doing that,” he told Palmgren. “And it’s all basically permitted and encouraged by the government because ‘white man bad.'”

There is no evidence of a genocide against white South Africans, much less white farmers, that is being “permitted and encouraged by the government.”

But Raging Humanist disparaged people who believe in peaceful solutions to violent crimes in South Africa — continuing to frame the situation as racially-motivated persecution of white people. He paraphrased an unnamed “general” — later revealed to be Colonel Franz Jooste, the head of the pro-apartheid survivalist group Kommandokorps — in asking “how many more people have to die” before whites fight back.

“If this was the other way around they would never have put up with this for this long,” Raging Humanist claimed. “I mean, George Floyd overdoses on fentanyl — a felon who’s been convicted of home invasions, pointing guns, and beating pregnant women — overdoses and dies and half of America burns, but they can go around and kill tens of thousands of farmers, for farming? Because they’re white and they stole the land?”

He attributed a absence of a violent response to a “lack of courage to do anything.”

Palmgren played a short clip of an interview with Colonel Jooste, who was asked whether he was worried about demonstrators who brought firearms with them. Colonel Jooste replied that he had been in “war,” and that “Once you’ve been into a war you don’t want the war anymore. But if they want war, they will get it.”

After the clip Palmgren said that if what was happening to white farmers were happening to “any other racial group” there would be 24/7 worldwide media coverage” with pundits and reporters “telling you how bad this was and how unacceptable this was.” Raging Humanist agreed and ludicrously compared the situation to the genocide in Darfur that began in 2003 and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Near the end of the episode Henrik Palmgren read off messages sent by donors on DLive, Red Ice’s platform of choice since being banned from YouTube. Messages included statements like “Boer lives matter,” “Long live the Boers,” and “Kill them all” — the latter of which Palmgren laughingly said he had to “disavow.”

Another donor blasted “J-E-W-S” and “Marxists” for being the most “powerful force in the world.”

[The following clips are from a two hour and eighteen minute episode of Flashback Friday.]