White Nationalist Nick Fuentes Claims ‘Mussolini’s In Heaven’ During Pro-Fascist Rant

During the October 5, 2020 episode of his DLive show, America First, white nationalist and pro-Trump sycophant Nick Fuentes reacted to the president’s return to the White House from Walter Reed hospital by praising his “superior” genes. He also lauded fascist dictators like Benito Mussolini for “mak[ing] their countr[ies] feel proud again.”

“Donald Trump is the greatest man alive,” Fuentes said of the president, who became infected with COVID-19 and might have spread the virus to others during a recent Rose Garden event. “He just is. Probably the greatest American. He recovered from the virus because we prayed for him. God helped him recover, and because he has superior genetics to most people.”

Responding to comparisons between Trump’s White House photo op — in which the president stood on the balcony, took off his face mask, and saluted — to the theatrics of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, Fuentes said it “was a Mussolini moment.”

“Why should we shy away from things like this?” he asked. “I mean they really believe that if you love your country, if you’re a nationalist, if you’re strong, if you don’t apologize, they think that you’re a fascist. They think that you’re like Mussolini or like Hitler.” Fuentes leaned into this label, claiming that what people “resent about fascists and fascism” is that “that is what a right-wing country looks like.”

“All of MSNBC and the media was seething about this triumphant return to the White House and they said, ‘This is his Mussolini moment,'” Fuentes said, adding that the late dictator is “totally based and red-pilled and in Heaven, which is more than can be said about most liberals, actually.” “Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in Hell,” Fuentes continued. “Mussolini’s in Heaven.”

Fuentes then praised Mussolini and other like-minded leaders whom, he said, “make their country feel proud again.”

He circled back to President Trump’s return to the White House from Walter Reed, calling it a “visceral and spectacular moment of national pride.” He accused Trump’s critics of wanting a “leader like [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau” who will “get down on his knee” out of “shame for our country, and shame for our race, shame for our people.”

“They want a white president to get down on his knees and say ‘I’m sorry. We’re terrible. We’re ashamed of who we are. And we need to elevate’ — I don’t even know — ‘Black people and Hispanics and gay people and Jews and Muslims.'”