Headlines — 10/11/20

A white nationalist hate group is linked to a pro-Kremlin propagandist, the Delaware GOP is still backing extremist candidate Lauren Witzke, a look back at four years of MAGA terrorism, and more.

Hatewatch – U.S. white nationalist group linked to pro-Kremlin propagandist.
VICE News – FBI uncovers massive militia plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
HuffPost – All the President’s men: Looking back at four years of MAGA terror.
The Daily Beast – The Trump Internet is freaking out over the fizzling out of Russiagate.
Media Matters – James O’Keefe’s videos attacking mail-in voting in Minnesota fall apart after being spread by right-wing media.
Wonkette – Here’s what banning QAnon from Facebook will do … and what it’s probably too late to do.
The New Republic – How the EPA is screwing Oklahoma’s tribes.
Exposed by CMD – Delaware GOP sticks with Senate candidate who backs white nationalist group and QAnon.