Nathanael Kapner: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy Was ‘Infanticide’ And ‘Sexual Perversion’

On a recent episode of The Political Cesspool — a radio show hosted by white nationalists James Edwards and Keith Alexander — hate preacher Nathanael Kapner went on an antisemitic tirade in response to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. Kapner repeatedly referred to the late Justice as a “bitch” and claimed she promoted “infanticide” and “sexual perversion.”

Kapner, who was raised Jewish but converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity, runs the SPLC-designated hate group The Brother Nathanael Foundation. He claims to be a “monastic with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Of Russia (ROCOR),” though the ROCOR issued a statement in 2013 claiming Kapner’s actions “do not have the blessing of the Synod of Bishops.”

Kapner told Edwards and Alexander that the “media, which is owned by Jews” and Ginsburg both promoted the destruction of “Western civilization’s values.” Keith Alexander chimed in to claim that “Jews are also prominent in the pornography industry,” and Kapner added that “wherever they can make money, it doesn’t matter if it’s evil, there you will find the Jew.”

“And now here, the two issues that this bitch pushed — this witch pushed: abortion, infanticide, and sexual perversion, is the same thing the Jewish media is pushing,” Kapner continued. “That’s why they’re celebrating this witch.”

Alexander said they didn’t want to “slander female dogs” by calling Ginsburg a “bitch.” But Kapner defended his misogynistic slur, telling the hosts, “She is a bitch, okay? I’m using that word disparagingly because of her character. But there are many females — wonderful females, okay — who are good, wonderful women. I don’t call them by that name.”

“But if the shoe fits, one must wear it,” Edwards replied.

Edwards asked Kapner what Ginsburg’s “true legacy” is, to which Kapner answered, “The destruction of the family. The destruction of the Christian, gentile family. The destruction of Western civilization.” He claimed that this is “what the Jews are hellbent on doing” because only the “white, Christian political bloc” can “resist the Jews.”