GOP Senate Candidate Makes Racist Remarks On White Nationalist YouTube Show

Last month, extremist candidate Lauren Witzke scored a victory in Delaware’s Republican primary. A QAnon supporter who aligned herself with the racist “America First” movement, Witzke is challenging Democratic Senator Chris Coons. Yesterday, Witzke appeared on the YouTube show of a well-known white nationalist hate group, where she decried “foreigners” and called Rep. Ilhan Omar a “Third World dictator.”

As I reported in January, Witzke is a prominent proponent of the deranged QAnon conspiracy, and has repeatedly flirted with white nationalism. On October 4, 2020, the Republican candidate was interviewed by Peter Brimelow, the founder of the white nationalist hate group VDARE. During a 2016 speech Brimelow said, “There is no quote-unquote ‘diverse America.’ There’s only white America.”

In an apparent effort to skirt its recent ban from YouTube, Brimelow uploaded a video of the interview to a new channel called “Immigration Patriot!” And in an accompanying article for VDARE, Brimelow admitted that he donated $2,800 to Witzke’s campaign — the maximum allowable amount — because of his support for her proposed immigration moratorium.

Brimelow praised the Delaware Republican Party for not distancing itself from Witzke’s extremist views on immigration. Witzke replied that she had, in fact, been “disavowed by some within the GOP,” but claimed that her critics “sold out the average American — working-class American.” She added that, “People are so worried about being called — labeled — a ‘white supremacist’ when we are giving our country away to foreigners.”

She went on to attack immigrants for supposedly “dismantling our culture” and “voting against our interests.” And she warned that, if immigration is not addressed, “we are going to lose our country.”

Minutes later Brimelow lauded President Trump for his attacks on America’s refugee admissions program, saying he “pretty well throttled” it. Witzke took this as an opportunity to attack Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American. She referred to Omar’s district as a “district of refugees” which “elected a Third World dictator.” As a result, Witzke claimed, it now “looks like the Third World.”

Witzke’s interview with Brimelow is just the latest example of her connections to open white nationalists. For a time she followed the Twitter account for Red Ice, a white supremacist media outlet, and an account that regurgitated articles for American Renaissance — a website that traffics in scientific racism. Her victory in September was unsurprisingly celebrated by antisemitic podcaster Nick Fuentes and far-right columnist Michelle Malkin.