Nick Fuentes Spreads Conspiracy About ‘Massive Voter Fraud’ Through Mail-In Ballots

During the September 17, 2020 episode of The Alex Jones Show, antisemitic podcast gremlin Nick Fuentes joined the chorus of far-right pundits perpetuating the conspiracy that mail-in ballots will cause widespread voter fraud. Fuentes claimed that President Trump will be robbed of a “landslide” victory in November, and that fraud will tip the race in Biden’s favor.

“We’re trying to get the word out to every major dissident Right sort of outlet to put the word out so that when the globalists try to steal the election — when this transpires — everybody will be watching and looking at the mail-in ballots,” Fuentes told host Alex Jones.

Fuentes predicted that it will be a “landslide electorally” for Trump on election night, but that “in the days and weeks after the election, that’s where they’re gonna find all of these extra votes for Joe Biden.” He added that the “Trump landslide” will turn into a “Biden landslide” because Democrats will “be committing voter fraud, massive voter fraud because of the mail-in ballots.”

There is no evidence that mail-in ballots have been or will be susceptible to “massive voter fraud.”

Jones told Fuentes that Democrats are “scared of us pointing out what they’re doing. He added that “when they try to say ‘Oh, it’s discredited. Don’t say we’re gonna steal the election,’ that’s ’cause they’re scared of us … laying the groundwork for exposing what they’ve done.” Fuentes said that everyone from “big tech” companies to “Democrat operatives” were plotting to “steal the election.”

Fuentes also bemoaned articles that suggested President Trump might not leave office if he lost.

Although Trump has signaled — just as he did in 2016 — that he won’t accept election results if he loses, Fuentes said it’s the Democrats everyone should worry about. Conjuring up fictional scenarios, he said that people should worry about Democratic governors seceding, or electors not voting for Trump. And he fearmongered over the prospect of what he called a “soft coup.”

Going off on a tangent, Jones began asking how the Democrats got “in this position where they can fund antifa for arson” and “killing people.” The Democratic Party does not fund anti-fascists. And, although there is a conspiracy circulating throughout right-wing media that anti-fascists are to blame for the deadly wildfires on the west coast, this is also false.