Nick Di Paolo: White People Should Carry Poison To Use On ‘Marxist Communists’

On a recent episode of his YouTube show, stand-up comic Nick Di Paolo called for the use of poison against Black Lives Matter protesters and anti-fascists. Di Paolo, who has repeatedly called for violence against left-wing protesters, suggested that white people arm themselves with a spray bottle of poison, a tactic borrowed from hitman Richard Kuklinski.

During the September 8, 2020 episode of The Nick Di Paolo Show, Di Paolo said he has “fantasies about eating outside” and being accosted by Black Lives Matter protesters.

“I fantasize about that, because I would become a fuckin’ American hero,” he said. “I’d be pretending to cut my filet mignon and I would drive that knife right into the forehead of whatever little Black scumbag is in my face, yelling at me. Or white scumbag for that matter.” He added that he was “so disappointed in the Caucasians in this country.”

He then played a video clip he said was from Pittsburgh that appeared to show a white couple eating outside at a restaurant while a protester shouted through a megaphone. Di Paolo cut off the video after it showed a Black protester take a drink from a glass on the couple’s table. It is unclear what preceded the recorded incident.

“Goes over to a guy who’s — he look like he was 117 tryin’ to enjoy a beer,” Di Paolo said of the clip. “But it’s white people who are racist. It’s this country that’s — it’s all what supremist [sic]. We are the problem, aren’t we? … And we still hear about white racism, and fuckin’ white privilege. That’s Black privilege on display.”

After playing another clip, this one of a Black man sucker punching a white man in a store after a confrontation, Di Paolo told white people to arm themselves.

“You know what you get that’s even better [than a gun]?” he asked. “You remember the Ice Man? Did you guys see that on HBO? Killed over a hundred people in his life, he worked for the mob. … He had all kinds of way [sic] of killin’ people. And one of ’em was he had some type of poison that you put in a spray bottle. Just walk up, like you’re spraying a cockroach.”

Richard Kuklinski, a notorious mafia hitman known by the nickname “The Ice Man,” claimed to have killed anywhere from 100 to 250 people. In 1988 a jury found Kuklinski guilty of murdering two of his own associates, Gary Smith and Daniel Deppner. That same year he pleaded guilty to two more murders and, in 2003, pleaded guilty to a fifth.

As noted by the New York Times, his “favorite weapon” was reportedly a “cyanide solution administered with a nasal-spray bottle in the victim’s face.” Kuklinski died in 2006 at the age of 70 from cardiac arrest.

“Use it on all people, I’m not trying to be racist,” Di Paolo said. “I mean, let’s be honest, antifa is mostly white kids. I’m saying use it on Marxist Communists.” He quickly, and unconvincingly, added that he was “kidding” and that the people at YouTube shouldn’t take his monologue seriously. He then likened such a spray to “human Raid.”