Headlines — 9/13/20

President Trump downplayed the threat of white supremacist terrorism, an Oregon Sheriff’s deputy is suspended for spreading rumors about anti-fascist arsonists, Peter Thiel held clandestine meetings with white nationalists, and more.

BuzzFeed News – Peter Thiel met with the racist fringe as he went all in on Trump.
Daily Kos – Whistleblower reveals how Trump has unleashed another plague: white-supremacist terrorism.
Right Wing Watch – The Post Millennial and Jack Posobiec’s oddly close relationship.
ProPublica – Over a dozen Black and Latino men accused a cop of humiliating, invasive strip searches. The NYPD kept promoting him.
The Nation – Is Trump planning a coup d’état?
The Daily Beast – Oregon Sheriff’s officer suspended for spreading rumors about antifa arsonists.
Gizmodo – Conservative media may be influencing people not to evacuate during hurricanes.
Rolling Stone – The feds say they tried to arrest Portland protest murder suspect Michael Reinoehl “peacefully.” A new eyewitness describes a violent ambush.
Slate – Trump endorses extrajudicial executions: Killing of antifa suspect was “retribution.”
Wonkette – Ex-colonel involved in 1989 El Salvador Jesuit murders finally going to prison.