Headlines — 9/11/20

Canadian far-right website The Post Millennial serves up rage bait to largely American audience, the Oath Keepers are banned from Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. defends Kenosha shooter, and more.

HuffPost – Inside the dangerous online fever swamps of American police.
Right Wing Watch – The Post Millennial: The latest Canadian outlet serving rage bait to far-right America.
Media Matters – Fox News hypes Trump’s participation trophy of a Nobel Peace prize nomination.
The Daily Beast – FBI’s terror hunters turn to a different threat: Incels.
AlterNet – Expert on genocide and anti-Semitism lays out the frightening parallels between QAnon and Hitler’s Nazis.
Talking Points Memo – Armed right-wing group Oath Keepers banned from Twitter for violating extremism policy.
The Root – After nearly 200 days, Breonna Taylor’s case expected to be heard by grand jury.
Gothamist – After six months on Rikers, a nurse stands accused of murder in a case she says was self-defense.
VICE News – Don Jr. defends alleged Kenosha shooter: ‘We all do stupid things at 17.’