Headlines — 8/13/20

How The Base exported accelerationist terror to Australia, President Trump fully embraces QAnon supporters, right-wing publications spread lies about a former Kamala Harris staffer, and more.

The New Republic – Donald Trump’s coded message to white nationalist “accelerationists.”
Gizmodo – National Review, Daily Caller help publicize lies about former Kamala Harris staffer.
The Verge – One tweet tried to identify a cop — then five people were charged with felony harassment.
Jezebel – My dark journey into the soul of a model young Republican candidate.
Hatewatch – The Base: Exporting accelerationist terror.
Media Matters – Tucker Carlson is using nativist conspiracy theories to attack Black Lives Matter.
Right Wing Watch – Birtherism 2.0: Right-wing lawyer John Eastman questions Kamala Harris eligibility for vice presidency.
The Daily Beast – Team Trump isn’t hiding its support for QAnon kooks anymore.
Intelligencer – Trump admits he’s starving the Postal Service to sabotage voting by mail.
CNN – A man faces hate crime charges after feds say he burned a cross and displayed a swastika to intimidate his Black neighbor.
BuzzFeed News – KKK leader is going to prison for six years for hitting BLM protesters with his truck.