Headlines — 8/02/20

Bowl Patrol leader Andrew Casarez is under police investigation, Michelle Malkin says the Proud Boys “deserve medals,” Twitter finally suspends David Duke, and more.

The Daily Beast – Why is the Right so obsessed with hydroxychloroquine?
HuffPost – Leader of Dylann Roof-worshiping Neo-Nazi group under police investigation.
Right Wing Watch – Michelle Malkin says members of Proud Boys hate group ‘deserve medals,’ not condemnations.
Gizmodo – Who are ‘America’s Frontline Doctors,’ the pro-Trump, pro-hydroxychloroquine weirdos banned from social media?
Media Matters – QAnon, Plandemic, and the right-wing media’s conspiracy theory spiral.
Raw Story – Kansas Republicans panicked Trump-appointee will cost them a U.S. Senate seat.
VICE News – Canadian Navy reinstated a Neo-Nazi forum administrator.
The Verge – Twitter permanently suspends white supremacist David Duke.