Nick Di Paolo Doubles Down On Calling For Violence Against Protesters

During the July 21, 2020 episode of his eponymous YouTube show, Nick Di Paolo reiterated his support for violent crackdowns on protesters. He praised the Chinese government for its handling of protesters, advocated for the use of German Shepherds and fire hoses, and said he’d like to assault Rep. Rashida Tlaib with a “claw hammer.”

During a monologue about the unrest in Portland — where protesters are facing off against armed Border Patrol Tactical Unit agents — the racist stand-up comic speculated as to why President Trump hasn’t intervened forcefully enough.

Di Paolo claimed that the government was “givin’ [protesters] rope to hang themselves” and “exposing ’em for the fuckin’ Marxist assholes that they are” by letting the crisis continue. “Now the whole country knows — even Black people have gone ‘Fuckin’ Black Lives Matter is run by these white hoodlums,'” he said.

Thus, when Trump finally cracks down even harder on protesters, “people are gonna go ‘Good. Fuck ’em up.'”

Di Paolo then reiterated his support for the use of violent measures against protesters. In a June episode of The Nick Di Paolo Show, he called for a
“Kent State times ten,” in reference to the murder of four college students by the Ohio National Guard in 1970. Di Paolo said he had a gig “cancelled” over remarks, but appeared to stand by them.

“I’m tellin’ ya, call the Chinese. They squash these things in a second,” he added. “They’re wrong about everybody else but I like the way they handle their fuckin’ military and their cops. Call ’em!” He then did an impersonation of President Trump calling Chinese President Xi Jinping and being told to “run ’em over.”

This is an apparent reference to the Tiananmen Square massacre.

In 1989, students led demonstrations in Beijing in favor of democratic reforms and freedom of speech and the press. Premier Li Peng imposed martial law, and armed troops arrived to clear out Tiananmen Square by force. Protesters were reportedly crushed by armored vehicles and fired upon indiscriminately.

As CNN noted, “No official death toll was ever released by the Chinese government, but human rights groups estimate it was the hundreds, if not thousands.”

Di Paolo went on to call for the use of fire hoses and German Shepherds against protesters. He said this might remind people of “the ’50s in Alabama” when these tactics were used against Black civil rights activists. “Yeah but white people’ll be gettin’ bit by these dogs this time,” he said. “White kids. Entitled white kids — and black scumbags that are mixed in too.”

“But wouldn’t ya love to see a white kid from Portland who went to college, has a degree, having his throat, a vein pulled out of his neck by a German Shepherd and then hit with a fire hose?” he asked.

He then pivoted to an attack on Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), a Muslim and Palestinian-American who, along with Representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley, have been targets of President Trump’s racist bile. Tlaib announced after being sworn in that the Democrats were going to “impeach the motherfucker” — referring to Trump.

Di Paolo called Tlaib the “maybe the ugliest woman ever elected to Con[gress].” What he said after that was more than just a derogatory remark about a congresswoman’s appearance, however. “I’d like to take a claw hammer right to her forehead, and just pull it open, watch all the shit spill out,” he said angrily.

Di Paolo was agitated by a Tweet of Tlaib’s in which she said President Trump’s federal law enforcement agents will have to arrest her first before they lay hands on her constituents. He played a clip of President Trump calling the protesters “anarchists” and praising the work of the federal agents who’ve attacked them with flash bangs and pepper balls.

Di Paolo considered this insufficiently brutal, noting that he “didn’t see any heads being broken.” He suggested that President Trump “get the Marines in there” or the “Navy SEALs.” “Get the best and the fuckin’ meanest,” he said with a chuckle.