Headlines — 7/24/20

Neo-Nazi activist “Vic Mackey” is unmasked, OANN reporter Jack Posobiec met with Polish neo-fascists, former officials criticize use of federal agents to crack down on Portland protesters, and more.

HuffPost – Leader of Dylann Roof-worshiping Neo-Nazi group exposed.
Hatewatch – OANN’s Posobiec met with Polish neo-fascists and amplified their messages online.
The Daily Beast – The shocking secret past of one of QAnon’s most toxic stars.
Right Wing Watch – Ken Cuccinelli cites right-wing activists to justify authoritarian violence.
BuzzFeed News – Former officials say the elite border patrol unit sent to confront Portland protesters is like a “fish out of water.”
Vox – Portland, polarization, and the crisis of the Republican Party.
Media Matters – Sinclair gives “Plandemic” conspiracy theorists a platform to spread their lies about Dr. Fauci and the coronavirus.