Headlines — 7/17/20

A baseless conspiracy about Wayfair engaging in sex trafficking spreads online, the Christchurch shooter intends to represent himself at sentencing, Philly police have connections to the Proud Boys, and more.

The Daily Beast – The disturbing ties between Philly cops and far-right Proud Boys.
Right Wing Watch – Far-right mourns exit of lead Tucker Carlson writer following revelations of racist beliefs.
The New Republic – The dark obsessions of QAnon are merging with mainstream conservatism.
Oregon Public Broadcasting – Federal law enforcement use unmarked vehicles to grab protesters off Portland streets.
BuzzFeed News – The conspiracy about Wayfair is spreading fast among lifestyle influencers on Instagram.
Wonkette – How do we know the people promoting the Wayfair conspiracy are not child molesters?
The Keene Sentinel – Keene white nationalist indicted on new federal charges.
VICE News – White man accused of driving his car into a crowd of Black people was just charged with hate crime.
Al Jazeera – New Zealand mosque attacker to represent himself at sentencing.
Rolling Stone – How do women become white supremacists?
Media Matters – YouTube made money from videos promoting the baseless Wayfair conspiracy theory.
The Daily Dot – Conservative publication fires far-right groyper for infiltrating site.