Mark Collett: Without White People The U.S. Will Become ‘Haiti 2.0’ With People ‘Eating Dirt’

During the July 8, 2020 episode of the white nationalist podcast Patriotic Weekly Review, Mark Collett, Jason Köhne, and Vincent James Foxx discussed the consequences of white people becoming a minority in the U.S. They warned that this might lead to permanent Democratic rule and the transformation of the U.S. into “Haiti 2.0.”

Neo-Nazi co-host Mark Collett — who had just finished comparing Seattle’s recently dismantled Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) to the dystopian setting of Escape from L.A. — warned of what will happen without white people. Collett said that the “logical conclusion” of such a scenario is “people eating mud cookies.”

Collett explained that this is the “national dish of Haiti” — which, incidentally, is wrong. The national dish of Haiti is griots (boiled and fried cubes of pork) with rice and beans.

“Once they get rid of the authority of Western leaders, once they get rid of white ingenuity, once they take control and try to manage their own nations, things go south very, very quickly,” he cautioned. “And once they’ve got rid of people like myself, Vincent, and Jason, they get rid of their own white allies.”

And without any white people left, Collett said, “it ends up with mud cookies. Literally eating dirt. That is how Haiti ended up. So all these people saying they’re looking forward to Haiti 2.0, and they think that’s going to end in some kind of paradise state, they are condemning their progeny to living in ghettos, drinking water that is essentially poison … and eating dirt.”

Later Collett said Donald Trump would make the better candidate from the “accelerationist” perspective. In the white power movement, accelerationism refers to the strategy of forcing societal collapse through terrorism and social unrest so that a nation for white, non-Jews can be created.

Some believe that choosing a Democrat — whose policies they believe to be harmful and extreme — would hasten this collapse. But Collett disagreed, claiming that what we’re seeing in the final months of his first term “will look like small fry compared to the riots, the protests, and the violence if Trump gets elected for a second term.”

Collett asked white nationalist and Red Elephants founder Vincent James Foxx what he thought of this idea. Foxx has claimed that Blacks and Hispanics “still haven’t been fully assimilated,” likened Mexican immigrants to “invaders,” and stated that the U.S. “cannot have the constitution and also have a white minority.”

He has also promoted antisemitic literature and repeatedly shared content from The Noticer, a Telegram channel that targets Jews for harassment on social media.

Foxx told Collett that he disagrees with the accelerationist strategy. He said that things are “accelerating enough” and that they need to try to help the Republicans keep the White House in order to mitigate the damage. Foxx pointed out that President Trump might get to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a second term, for example.

“The accelerationist argument, the reason why I say I don’t really buy into it, is because Democrats will be in power so long that demographics will change extremely and Republicans will never, ever be able to get reelected again,” he said. Therefore, “what’s the point of accelerating if we’re not going to be able to gain power ever again?”

This is a variation of the white nationalist “great replacement” theory, which posits that white people are being “replaced” by immigrants of color. Foxx believes this will inexorably turn formerly red states into Democratic strongholds.

“I look at it sort of like a plane crash — the engine’s going out in the plane, and there’s chaos and everyone’s screaming and yelling and crying,” he told Collett and Köhne. “But, do you want to accelerate that plane to the ground and crash the plane, or do you at least attempt to coast onto the road?”