Jesse Lee Peterson Condemns The Civil Rights Movement And Says He Will Put Black People To Work On A Plantation

On War Room, an Infowars show that has platformed white nationalists and antisemites, far-right talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson denounced the civil rights movement as the “worst thing that ever happened to Black people.” He also claimed he was working on purchasing a cotton plantation for Black people to work on.

“The worst thing that ever happened to Black people, other than the destruction of the parents is the — I mean, the destruction of the father — is the civil rights movement,” Peterson told substitute War Room host Harrison Smith. “No such thing as civil rights by the way — it’s civil wrong,” he added.

Confusingly, Peterson went on to say that even without a civil rights movement, Jim Crow segregation — which he has said Black people were “better off” under — would have ended on its own. Peterson insisted that “Blacks and whites would have come together naturally, the good with the good and the bad with the bad.”

He accused civil rights activists of selling Black people “over to the Democratic Party,” convincing them that racism was holding them back. Which, in an era of government-sanctioned segregation, would have been accurate. He also said they offered Black people welfare while simultaneously taking “the fathers out of the home.”

Smith told Peterson that he was “exactly right,” and said that “by the 1950s and 1960s you had really strong Black communities” where Black people lived an “idyllic life.”

Peterson said he had first-hand experience with this, since he grew up on a plantation. After asking Smith if he ever picked cotton, Peterson said he was “buying this plantation” and “taking Blacks back to the plantation” to
“learn to work.” When Peterson joked that he needed “white overseers” for it, Smith declined the invitation.

“I would not be good for that position,” he said, laughing. “I am not — you should not trust me with authority.”