Nick Di Paolo Does A Racist Impression And Falsely Calls COVID-19 ‘A Bad Flu’

Yesterday, racist, far-right comic Nick Di Paolo spread conspiracies and demonstrable falsehoods during a rant about COVID-19, and compared governors who paused or reversed reopenings to Hitler. He also performed a racist impersonation of a Chinese person while discussing President Trump’s own racist rhetoric.

During the July 2, 2020 episode of YouTube’s Nick Di Paolo Show, the comedian read an article about the surging number of COVID-19 cases, particularly in Texas. “Who gives a fuck?” he asked. “It’s a flu. It’s a bad flu. Okay? I don’t care if it came from a bat’s ass, a Chinese guy sneezing, a laboratory — it’s a fuckin’ flu, just like any other flu.”

COVID-19 is not, in fact, “a bad flu.” While they share some symptoms, COVID-19 is caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus — or SARS-CoV-2 — while the flu is caused by a number of strains of influenza viruses. COVID-19 is also far deadlier than the flu.

On the subject of California — the “biggest, faggiest state in the country” as he called it — Di Paolo lashed out at Governor Gavin Newsom for shutting down indoor businesses in Los Angeles in response to a spike in cases. “Of course that’s Gavin Newsom, fuckin’ Hitler out there,” Di Paolo said. He also referred to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer a “Hitler disciple.”

(Whitmer and the state of Michigan have been frequently targeted by President Trump.)

He then called the pandemic a “farce” by Democrats intent damaging the economy in order to hurt President Trump’s reelection chances. “I’m tellin’ ya it’s a fuckin’ farce,” Di Paolo exclaimed. “They wanna keep cratering the economy so Trump, in a few months, won’t have anything to run on. And it’s working beautifully, by the way.”

After denouncing people who wear masks to protect themselves and others from infection as “dickheads” who enjoy “signalling” that they “follow the news,” he asked where President Trump has been lately. He also encouraged Trump, who referred to COVID-19 as the “kung flu,” to do a racist impersonation of a Chinese person.

“If you’re gonna fuckin’ piss these people off and they call ya racist let it fly!” he declared. “You wanna see his numbers go up, he just comes out and goes…” Di Paolo said before pulling the corners of his eyes out and speaking in mock Chinese. “Don’t use that as the thumbnail now,” he warned a studio co-worker.

[The following clips were taken from an hour episode of The Nick Di Paolo Show.]