Jim Goad: Black People Feel ‘Rage’ Because They ‘Don’t Like Being Reminded Of Their Failure’

During yesterday’s appearance on the white nationalist program Red Ice TV, far-right author and white nationalist sympathizer Jim Goad attempted to diagnose the cause of “black rage.” According to Goad, Black people are rioting because they feel “shame” for what he calls their lack of accomplishments.

On June 18, 2020, Red Ice founder Henrik Palmgren interviewed the Taki’s Magazine columnist about the recent protests against police brutality and racism that began over the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

During their discussion Goad remarked that “Black people vote with their feet when they fuckin’ stay in America where they’re being keep down instead of the beautiful motherland.” In other words, Goad is downplaying racism in America by claiming that if it existed, Black people would leave.

Palmgren agreed, and claimed that the goal of the ongoing protests is to “tear down” and “fuck shit up” and “ruin things.” “It’s not to build a utopia and a better world,” he said, “Let’s just destroy what the white man has created. That’s what’s driving this, right?”

Goad then said “we hear about Black rage all the time,” and speculated as to what the cause of it is. “Black people’s behavior doesn’t suggest to me that they’re really angry — what it suggests to me is something underlying the rage,” Goad told Palmgren.

“I’ll tell you what: If my peeps’ entire history was being squashed, and being primitive, and being enslaved, and not inventing a written language, and inventing, what, peanut butter? You know what I wouldn’t feel? Well I might feel rage eventually, but you know what would propel that rage? Shame.”

Goad claimed that Black people “don’t like being reminded of their failure” and that “You can’t say anything ’cause they’ll just fucking riot.”