Nick Di Paolo Says ‘We Need A Kent State Times Ten’ During Anti-Black Lives Matter Rant

In a rant about Black Lives Matter and the recent protests against police brutality, racist comedian and shock jock Nick Di Paolo called for “a Kent State times ten.” Di Paolo was referencing the massacre of unarmed student protesters by the Ohio National Guard in May, 1970, which killed four.

During the June 16, 2020 episode of The Nick Di Paolo Show, racist, pro-Trump comedian Nick Di Paolo went on a rant against Black Lives Matter (BLM), accusing the diffuse civil rights movement of being a “domestic terrorist group.”

Di Paolo blasted supporters of BLM, alleging that the movement was “responsible for like nine cops getting killed, directly or indirectly.” Di Paolo may have been referencing a 2016 shooting of 12 Dallas police officers by black separatist Micah X. Johnson. Five officers were killed.

According to then-Dallas police chief David O. Brown, Johnson told negotiators he was “upset” about Black Lives Matter, recent police shootings, and white people. However, officials found no evidence that Johnson had direct ties to any protest or political groups.

Di Paolo complained about the removal of anything representing the “white establishment” — such as Confederate statues. “And people [are] just sittin’ there — white people, coaches, idiots, fuckin’ corporations — ‘We’re with Black Lives Matter, we know they killed a few cops, but fuck it!” he said.

“13 percent of the population is controlling the rest of the fuckin’ country,” Di Paolo continued. “But they couldn’t do it without the help of white fuckin’ liberal assholes. It’s disgusting.”

He lashed out at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for encouraging teams to sign on Colin Kaepernick.

The quarterback had been blacklisted for taking a knee in protest against police brutality. Calling Goodell a “soulless cocksucker,” Di Paolo reminded his viewers that Kaepernick once wore socks that depicted police officers as cartoon pigs.

“It feels all orchestrated,” Di Paolo said. “Nobody’s standin’ up and goin’ ‘Enough’s enough! Black Lives Matter’s full of shit. They’re as violent as any group.’ Nobody’s standing up. Even Trump — where the fuck’s he been this week?”

Di Paolo then called for violence against protesters, by declaring, “You know what I say, we need a Kent State times ten.”

On May 4, 1970, 28 members of the Ohio National Guard fired on unarmed anti-war protesters for 13 seconds, killing four and wounding nine others. The incident sparked a nationwide student strike and arguably helped turn public opinion against the Vietnam War.

“My apologies to anybody that lost anybody at Kent State,” he added blithely.