Headlines — 6/03/20

The charges against Derek Chauvin explained, white supremacist Rep. Steve King loses his primary race, police officers riot in NYC, and more.

Vox – The charges against former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin, explained.
The Atlantic – A nation without law, order, or justice.
Right Wing Watch – After days of unrest, the Right lusts for George Floyd protesters’ blood.
HuffPost – New Yorkers said ‘Fuck the police,’ so the police rioted.
NBC Philadelphia – Controversial Rizzo statue booted from Philly municipal services building.
Democrat & Chronicle – What did Kimberly and Beck say? 95.1 fires radio duo for racist comments.
The Daily Beast – The GOP politician spreading terrifying BLM and antifa hoaxes.
Gizmodo – Twitter hides official White House tweet calling for killing of protesters, too.
VICE News – Far-right extremists are hoping to turn the George Floyd protests into a new civil war.
The New Republic – This is fascism.
BuzzFeed News – Steve King, a racist, lost his Iowa primary.