Headlines — 5/14/20

White nationalists turn to Ashley Rae Goldenberg for smears against Ahmaud Arbery, white supremacists built a website to target interracial couples, Rep. Steve King seeks reinstatement to committee assignments, and more.

Right Wing Watch – Capital Research Center employee favorite source for white nationalist smear campaign against Ahmaud Arbery.
VICE News – White supremacists built a website to doxx interracial couples — and it’s going to be hard to take down.
Hatewatch – Two prominent Neo-Nazis recant, but their actions sow doubts.
The Daily Beast – Racist Queens man fantasized about anti-Semitic attacks online before seeking AR-15: Feds.
Media Matters – Infowars was banned by Facebook a year ago, but dangerous COVID-19 misinformation from its streaming platform still spreads there.
ABC News – Couple arrested for hate crime in Brooklyn, allegedly blaming spread of COVID-19 on Jews: Police.
Salon – Trump pressures CDC to lower death toll by changing how it counts coronavirus fatalities: report.
HuffPost – White supremacist Steve King claims GOP House Leader will give him ‘exoneration.’