Headlines — 5/07/20

Gregory and Travis McMichael arrested for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, white nationalist YouTuber Colin Robertson goes dark after sexual harassment allegations, online merchants and payment processors are aiding white nationalists, and more.

The New York Times – 2 suspects charged with murder in Ahmaud Arbery shooting.
Right Wing Watch – White nationalist YouTuber goes dark after allegations of sexual misconduct.
Salon – Funding hate: How online merchants and payment procesors aid white nationalists.
Media Matters – YouTube remains a haven for COVID-19 misinformation despite tightened guidelines.
The Daily Beast – How an anti-Muslim hate crime in deep-red Missouri produced an unexpected show of love.
The Corvallis Advocate – Oregon hate crimes rising, Asian Americans targeted.
VICE News – It’s not all bad: Coronavirus shuts down Europe’s Neo-Nazi music festival scene.