Katie Hopkins: Britain Will ‘Fall To Islam’ And White South Africans ‘Will One Day Be An Extinct Species’

During the April 17, 2020 episode of The Fallen State, white nationalist pundit Katie Hopkins repeated bogus claims of white genocide in South Africa and elsewhere. She also claimed that recent immigrants to Britain represent the “worst of us” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hopkins told host Jesse Lee Peterson that she had witnessed a “new respect” that is “setting in” due to the pandemic. When Peterson asked if it was “gonna last,” Hopkins said that there were “dark stories” about people in London spitting and coughing on the elderly.

When Peterson asked Hopkins if the people in question were “foreigners,” Hopkins responded in the affirmative. “We need to ship ’em back home and don’t let ’em back,” Peterson exclaimed.

Hopkins then said that “those individuals who are more recently arrived who have no respect for our country, no respect for our elderly, and no respect for our rules and law and order” are “exhibiting the very worst behavior at this time.” She added that they constantly represent the “worst of us.”

The pair moved on to discussing a pet cause of theirs: the fictitious “white genocide” taking place in South Africa, which they believe is a sign of things to come in all majority-white nations. Peterson once denounced Nelson Mandela as an “evil man,” while Hopkins has amplified the voices of South African white nationalists.

During the show Peterson insisted that the “same thing that happened in South Africa to the whites” is “coming here in America.” He asked Hopkins what it’s like for her as a white person to see “destruction comin’ up on white people” while “there’s nothin’ being done.”

Hopkins said that throughout her career she has been outspoken about the “fact that my country will fall to Islam.” She went on to complain that, as a result of talking about this, she has “lost everything” including every job she held and her house, and that they next “tried to chop my head off.”

In 2017 Hopkins left her LBC radio show after she tweeted that a “final solution” was necessary after a suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena that left 22 dead. (ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.) In early 2018 she joined the far-right Rebel Media network, but quietly parted ways months later.

And the claim that her house was taken because she was outspoken about Islam isn’t correct either.

Last year Hopkins sold her home, valued at nearly one million pounds, after losing a defamation suit brought by food writer and activist Jack Monroe. In 2017 Hopkins tweeted a message falsely implying Monroe supported the vandalism of a war memorial and refused to apologize.

Betraying a fundamental misunderstanding of biology, Hopkins said that it is “inevitable” that “the whites will one day be an extinct species” in South Africa. And she likened being deplatformed and disinvited from giving talks to contracting COVID-19 because, she said, it feels like being “suffocated to death over 20 years.”