Headlines — 5/02/20

President Trump sides with armed protesters in Michigan, Laura Ingraham retweets an article from a white nationalist group, white supremacist Daniel “Jack Corbin” McMahon pleads guilty to federal charges, and more.

Right Wing Watch – Trump sides with armed protesters in Michigan: A ‘very fine people’ sequel.
HuffPost – A pair of Yemeni refugees now face their greatest threat of all: the U.S. immigration system.
The Root – Mike Pence’s staff threaten retaliation against reporter for tweeting about Pence’s mask off antics.
Media Matters – Laura Ingraham retweets article from white nationalist group VDARE blaming immigrant workers for coronavirus hotspots.
The Washington Post – Man pleads guilty to making racially motivated threats against prospective candidate for Charlottesville council.
Mother Jones – Trump’s Commerce Department just hired a lawyer with ties to white nationalists.
The Intercept – Trump’s nationalism advances on a predictable trajectory to violence. His supporters will kill when they’re told to.
The Daily Beast – A QAnon devotee live-streamed her trip to N.Y. to ‘take out’ Joe Biden.