White Nationalist Radio Hosts Claim The Coronavirus Has Made People ‘Receptive’ To Their Ideas

As the novel coronavirus continues to ravage the country, most people are worried about their physical safety or the financial toll the pandemic will have. But white nationalists are more optimistic — preferring instead to view the virus as an opportunity to find an audience for their propaganda.

At least that was the view espoused by Tim Murdock during a recent episode of White Rabbit Radio Live!

Murdock, who calls himself “Horus the Avenger” and founded a website devoted to the fictional genocide of white people, told Jason Köhne that he’d “never heard so many people susceptible in wanting to hear more about what it is we have to say all the time.”

Köhne, himself a white nationalist who hosts the shows Going Free and The After Party, agreed with Murdock’s assessment. Köhne said the result of grappling with “invisible killers” like the coronavirus means that people might come around to their way of thinking on immigration.

That way of thinking, of course, consists of believing the U.S. government “open[ed] the door to every sewer on planet Earth,” which caused “sewage” to “pour in.” Köhne sarcastically remarked that the U.S. had been “enriched” by immigrants before launching into a tirade blaming them for all of society’s ills.

“In fact every metric has gotten worse: STDs, premarital sex, births without being married, crime of every type has gone through the roof,” he claimed. “So everything has gotten worse, and of course the disease has come in as well now.”

Köhne added that people would begin to think that “maybe this anti-whiteism isn’t the way to go,” and that white nationalists need to make converts of them. “Now is the time for full court press against the population with our message,” he declared. “We need to get it out there, because they’re gonna be looking for answers.”

[The following clips are from a two hour episode of White Rabbit Radio Live!]