Headlines — 3/26/20

Feuerkrieg Division members discuss weaponizing the coronavirus, a white supremacist who plotted to bomb a hospital was killed, white nationalist hate groups have surged during the Trump presidency, and more.

BuzzFeed News – Here’s what happens when Republicans have no one to fight.
VICE News – Unlicensed dermatologist suggests people throw coronavirus parties.
Right Wing Watch – Ron Paul suggested coronavirus was a ‘big hoax.’ Then his son caught it.
Hatewatch – As White House contemplates coronavirus asylum ban, hate groups urge Trump to seize the moment.
Media Matters – Fox News’ coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic: medically inaccurate, malevolently racist, motivated by politics.
Unicorn Riot – LEAKED: Neo-Nazi terrorist ‘Feuerkrieg Division’ organizing chats.
The Guardian – White nationalist hate groups have grown 55% in Trump era, report finds.
ABC News – FBI learned of coronavirus-inspired bomb plotter through radicalized US Army soldier
New Republic – Hoda Muthana left the U.S. to join ISIS. Now she wants to return home to stand trial, but the Trump administration won’t let her.
The Atlantic – All the president’s lies about the coronavirus.