Stefan Molyneux Claims He Helped Save ‘Thousands And Thousands Of Lives’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

In a video from March 19, 2020, white nationalist and YouTube ranter Stefan Molyneux pushed disinformation about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). He also took partial credit for lower rates of infection in some European and Middle Eastern countries because of his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Stefan Molyneux began the video by responding to comments from viewers, including one from a person who said they were not convinced that COVID-19 was not man-made. Molyneux, who prides himself on his “empiricism,” agreed with the viewer, explaining why he believed the Chinese government created the virus.

Molyneux said that “the one thing that has me believe that it is man-made is that China is admitting that it’s man-made.” Molyneux was referring to the Chinese government’s attempt to blame the United States for the outbreak, suggesting that the U.S. Army engineered the virus.

“Now that’s interesting, that’s interesting,” Molyneux said. “Because they’re saying, then, that they believe … that the virus is man-made. Now that’s really quite a staggering admission. If somebody’s found dead, and then some guy in the crowd says ‘It wasn’t me who killed her, it was someone else!’, well, he’s kind of saying well it’s not an accident but a murder.”

Later in the video he began reading from tweets, including one that included a graphic listing the ways China mishandled the outbreak, such as detaining a doctor who warned the public about the virus. One allegation was that China “[w]eaponiz[ed] racism to escape responsibility” for the pandemic.

Molyneux responded with a novel argument about racism: that the allegation of “racism” was invented to silence opponents of Communism. Encouraging viewers to look into the work of HIV denier G. Edward Griffin, Molyneux said that “‘racism’ is a word invented by Communists who attempt to assassinate — and often successfully — assassinate the character” of anti-Communists.

He said that other words in this vein include “white nationalist,” “fascist,” and “white supremacist,” and swore that he was “not making this up.”

Finally, to top off this steaming pile of bullshit, Molyneux showed a tweet about the number of infections in countries with “minimal” border control versus the number in countries with “strong” border control. The former consisted of France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, while the latter group was made up of Hungary, Poland, Israel, and Russia.

The tweet did not elaborate on what made border control “minimal” or “strong,” but those in the “strong” category are marked by right-wing governments.

Israel has discriminated against black African Jews, and its “nation-state law” made Hebrew its official language, among other things. Viktor Orbán is the openly xenophobic Prime Minister of Hungary, who has focused on blaming migrants for COVID-19 while neglecting the country’s health care system, according to Human Rights Watch.

Molyneux, who has praised “99% white” Poland for its low crime rates and promoted the white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy, took the opportunity to do a victory lap.

“I’m not takin’ any of this blood on my hands, my friends. I’m not,” Molyneux declared. “I am standing proud in everything that I’ve advocated for, and all of those people who derided me, and attacked me, and insulted me, and slandered me, and libeled me, and you name it, because of my stand — look at these numbers! Look at these numbers!”

Molyneux went on to accuse people who support less restrictive border policies of having “blood on [their] hands” and said his “conscience is clear.” “And do you know why my conscience is clear?” he asked. “Because, in doing so, I’ve contributed to saving thousands and thousands of lives.” Way to go, Stef, you really saved us.