Jason Köhne: The Goal Of The ‘Abortion Industry’ Is To ‘Kill White Babies’

Early this month the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in June Medical Services, LLC v. Russo. The case is centered around Louisiana law, Act 620, an anti-abortion law virtually identical to one previously declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2016.

With a new hard-right majority — including Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — the Supreme Court has yet another chance to strike at the very heart of Roe v. Wade, and effectively outlaw abortion in many states.

During a March 8, 2020 episode of Going Free, host and white nationalist Jason “NoWhiteGuilt” Köhne read a Federalist article about the case and denounced abortion. At least insofar as white women have them, as he believes they should be having more children.

“The obvious focus of the abortion industry,” Köhne told viewers, “is to kill white babies.”

Köhne claimed that “[a]ll of the messaging, all of the meme pathogens are targeted at white women,” and that “[i]t’s all about telling white women that you’re gonna be better, happier, stronger, smarter — have a fabulous life — if you don’t have children.”

He went on to recount a Hotels.com commercial he saw, in which a pair of women gaze at their phone and wonder why they’re at a playground while a model is being photographed by a pool. A character named “Captain Obvious” replies with “Condoms.”

Köhne said this would be his third time talking about this particular ad, and called the actors and actresses involved “twits” and “enemies of our people and Western civilization.” (By “our people, he means white, of course.)

“So when it comes to abortion, it is not about all of these other races,” said Köhne. Instead, he said it has “been about us” because “abortion came along with the anti-white lie” to “our white women” that their lives will be “better” if they have no children and instead adopt cats.

“And so that is the abortion industry,” Köhne declared.