Headlines — 3/18/20

White nationalist Tom Kawczynski rebrands himself as a coronavirus expert, an online gun retailer is advertising on Gab, coronavirus-related hate crimes are on the rise, the operator of a pro-Brenton Tarrant Telegram channel is unmasked, and more.

bellingcat – Revealed: The Ukrainian man who runs a Neo-Nazi terrorist Telegram channel.
The Daily Beast – A white nationalist has rebranded himself as a coronavirus expert. And people are flocking to him.
Media Matters – Online gun retailer advertises on social media platform favored by white nationalists.
BuzzFeed News – U.S. agencies made it harder to reunite immigrant families because they failed to keep accurate records, report finds.
The Intercept – As Trump blames China for virus, White House aide makes racist joke to Asian reporter.
VICE News – Republicans tried to sneak abortion restrictions into the coronavirus bill.
The New Yorker – The rise of coronavirus hate crimes.
Mother Jones – The Supreme Court is closed, but immigration courts are still packing in dozens of people at a time.
The Verge – Alex Jones ordered to stop selling fake coronavirus cures.