Headlines — 3/06/20

White nationalist website VDARE calls for secession, how Kevin DeAnna orchestrated the alt-right infiltration of conservative institutions, accused Poway shooter John Earnest faces the death penalty, and more.

Media Matters – YouTube protected VDARE, which is now calling for a secessionist ethnostate.
Hatewatch – How Kevin DeAnna orchestrated the alt-right’s approach to conservative institutions.
Right Wing Watch – White supremacist and anti-Muslim activist displays Nazi flag at Sanders rally.
Los Angeles Times – Accused Poway synagogue shooting suspect to face death penalty.
The New Republic – End the GOP.
HuffPost – Former Nazi concentration camp guard ordered out of U.S. by judge.
The Root – The spectacular assassination of Nathaniel Woods.
The Daily Beast – FBI rounds up five alleged Neo-Nazis tied to murderous Atomwaffen Division.
The Nation – ‘The government has done this’: Inside India’s Muslim pogrom.
BuzzFeed News – An asylum-seeker who was kidnapped and tortured with acid begged U.S. border officers not to send her back. They did anyway.