Jared Taylor Praised President Trump For Saying America Was Founded ‘Not By Immigrants, But By Pioneers’

During a recent episode of Patriotic Weekly Review, Jared Taylor revealed that, unlike other white nationalists, he was not quite ready to abandon President Trump. In fact, the American Renaissance founder offered praise for Trump’s “State of the Union” address and indicated he would vote for the Republican candidate in the 2020 election.

Jared Taylor was an early supporter of Donald Trump, praising the candidate’s “good instincts” during an episode of This Alt-Right Life in 2016 and predicting that people who read white nationalist literature would work in his administration. Following Trump’s victory that November, Taylor called Trump the “standard bearer” of “white interests.”

And, for all the criticism that Trump hasn’t done enough to stem the tide of immigration, Taylor still supports him four years later. During his appearance on the white supremacist podcast — hosted by Mark Collett and Jason Köhne — Taylor called him “vastly, vastly better than any Democratic candidate that any of us can imagine.”

“[A]lthough many of our colleagues and comrades have been disappointed at some of the things that he’s failed to do, I will certainly vote for him in 2020,” he added. “Again, there’s not another Democrat that I can imagine — certainly not in the current field — that would be a better choice for us.”

When Jason Köhne asked Taylor what he thought of Trump’s “State of the Union” speech, he replied that he watched “about the last third of it,” and said it was most likely the “best third” of the speech. This is because the “first two-thirds” of the speech were spent “calling attention to non-whites in the audience and presenting them as all-American heroes of some kind.”

This included Brig. Gen. Charles McGee, a 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman.

Taylor dismissed this as a “way of making white people feel good about themselves,” and claimed that it made white people feel “generous and non-racist and inclusive” to be “wrapping their arms around our dusky brothers.” Taylor went on to call this a “very, very dangerous thing” for some inexplicable reason.

That said, Taylor praised the parts of the speech which, he said, minimized the role immigrants had in building the U.S. Taylor said that “in the last third [of the speech] he was talking about America as founded, not by immigrants, but by pioneers. By settlers. By explorers. By some of the toughest people that ever walked the earth, as he put it.”

He complained that the “only way we’re supposed to think of the United States” is by focusing on things like the kidnapping and enslavement of Africans and the ethnic cleansing of the continent’s Native population. But Trump’s speech “describe[d] the United States as having been hewn out of a wilderness” by “Europeans,” which Taylor loved.

Taylor said he was “gratified by the number of Republicans who were obviously cheering,” and repeated the right-wing lie the over 80% of Independents approved of the address. He also said it would be “interesting” to see the racial breakdown of voters who approved of the President’s speech.

So hey, on the plus side this means President Trump managed to secure the coveted racist white vote this year.

[The following clips are from a two hour episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.]