White Supremacists Complain That They Are Viewed As ‘Lower’ Than Sexual Predators

On a recent episode of the Neo-Nazi podcast Surviving Weimerika, host “Patrick Bateman” — a pseudonym borrowed from the novel American Psycho — compared the treatment of racists to China’s “Social Credit System.” He and his guests, Paul Nehlen and “Vic Mackey,” also agreed that white supremacists are viewed as worse than sexual predators and pedophiles.

During a discussion on facial recognition software, Bateman said it “reminds me a lot of the social credit system that the Chinese presently have.” China’s social credit system was announced in 2014 with the goal of maintaining the idea that “keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful.”

Chinese citizens will receive a rank which can go up or down based on their behavior in accordance with a secret methodology. Consequences of a low score include being barred from management jobs and buying tickets for domestic flights.

Paul Nehlen — a two-time congressional loser who now promotes terrorism on accelerationist talk shows — responded by saying the U.S. was actually “a step beyond” the Chinese social credit system. Bateman claimed that in the U.S. people are forced to profess certain values, such as “egalitarianism” and “LGBT stuff.”

Nehlen said the difference is that in China, people can raise their score after it’s lowered.

Bateman said that the “doxing system is actually more oppressive in America” than in Europe, because in Europe people convicted of hate speech can be fined and still eventually get work. In the U.S. “if you’re blacklisted, you’re blackballed for your political views” you will have a difficult time finding a new job, he said.

“People look at ethnocentrism in America as the same — I’m afraid to say — as somebody that is a child offender, a sex offender,” Bateman continued. “You know, they look at ’em as, really, they look at ’em as lower.” Vic Mackey agreed and said white nationalists are actually considered “worse” because some news outlets have run stories on pedophiles who don’t act on their disorders.

Bateman said that they’re considered “worse” because of the Jews, claiming that “Weimerica” — a nod to Germany’s Weimar Republic prior to Nazi rule — is a pillar of ZOG — which means Zionist Occupied Government.

He added that Nazi sympathizer Francis Parker Yockey’s writings have come true, and that the Jews will inevitably “unleash their gollum [sic] upon us.” (Gollum, of course, is the alter-ego of Sméagol, a Stoor Hobbit corrupted by the One Ring in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. A golem is an animated creature made of clay from Jewish folklore.)