Headlines — 1/21/20

Militia members and white nationalists descend on Richmond, a Virginia cop might be leaking information to 4chan, Kellyanne Conway says Martin Luther King Jr. would have opposed Trump’s impeachment, and more.

HuffPost – Thousands of pro-gun activists and far-right extremists swarm Richmond, Virginia.
The Root – A brief history of racists with guns.
The Nation – Slavery, and American racism, were born in genocide.
VICE News – Thousands of gun rights activists are taking a victory lap for peaceful rally in Virginia.
Wonkette – WTF is Kellyanne Conway saying here?
bellingcat – Is a Virginia cop giving 4chan’s /pol/ board inside info?
Right Wing Watch – ‘I Have a Dream of a Boogaloo’: Beneath the peaceful veneer of Virginia’s gun rally.
The New York Times – Glenn Greenwald charged with cybercrimes in Brazil.
The Daily Beast – Northeastern college student deported to Iran despite judge’s order.
BuzzFeed News – Brazil culture minister fired for using language similar to Nazi Joseph Goebbels.