Headlines — 1/17/20

A state of emergency is declared in Virginia ahead of upcoming gun rally, six members of the Neo-Nazi group The Base are arrested, white nationalists dream of a Senator Kris Kobach, and more.

VICE News – Virginia declares state of emergency after armed militias threaten to storm the capitol.
The Daily Beast – Neo-Nazi swatting ring’s alleged ‘cybersecurity’ guru arrested thanks to… terrible cybersecurity.
Hatewatch – Stephen Miller dismisses DACA in emails, mirroring anti-immigrant extremists’ views.
Right Wing Watch – With Pompeo out of the running, white nationalists dream of a Kansas Senator Kris Kobach.
Media Matters – Extremists have used 4chan to mobilize and threaten violence over gun safety legislation in Virginia.
HuffPost – The Ministry of Untruth: What Donald Trump’s unending stream of lies has done to our White House, our country, and us.
The Washington Post – FBI arrests three alleged members of white supremacist group ‘the Base’ ahead of Virginia gun rally.
Talking Points Memo – Three Neo-Nazis arrested over plot to murder antifa couple.