Georgia Southern University Student Discusses The ‘Jewish Question’ On A Neo-Nazi Podcast

During the 27th episode of the white supremacist podcast Surviving Weimerika, Georgia Southern University student Charles Robertson made a guest appearance, where he denigrated black people as “superstitious” and talked about the “JQ” — or “Jewish Question.”

The podcast was uploaded to a Bitchute channel called “Waffen Haus and Surviving Weimerika,” a nod to the Waffen-SS, a Nazi military branch.

Robertson had made a splash in white supremacist circles after he posted a video of a class presentation he gave on the “great replacement” — a white nationalist conspiracy which posits that white Europeans and Americans are being replaced by immigrants of color.

The “great replacement” theory has fueled deadly white supremacist terrorist attacks, including ones in Christchurch, New Zealand, Poway, CA, and El Paso, TX.

During the presentation, which was replete with racist, alt-right memes, Robertson promoted the white supremacist hate group American Identity Movement (“AmIM”), formerly known as Identity Evropa. Identity Evropa was forced to rebrand after the contents of its main Discord server was released to the public.

Robertson Great Replacement
Charles Robertson’s presentation. Image via YouTube.

Following the presentation, which he promoted on Twitter using the hashtag #GroyperWars, Robertson was invited on The Public Space, a YouTube show hosted by white nationalist Jean-François “JF” Gariépy. As detailed by Atlanta Antifascists, Robertson said he wasn’t afraid of expulsion for his racist activism both in and outside the classroom.

On Surviving Weimerika, pseudonymous host Patrick Bateman asked Robertson whether “the black drug dealer” or the “white bugman” is more free in America. (A “bugman” is generally defined as an urban-dwelling consumerist in alt-right circles.) Robertson answered that neither of them “get much” in the “long run.”

Bateman disagreed and said that the “black drug dealer” is actually more free than the “white bugman,” however, because the “bugman, in the long run, works and slaves for a society that hates him” even though the “bugman” “makes the wheels turn in Western society.”

In contrast, Bateman said the “black drug dealer lives an exciting life” and “gets any woman he wants.” Bateman claimed that society “rewards criminal blacks with financial gain, an exciting life, all the sex they can handle, [and] all the — should I say — the pleasantries of money.”

Minutes later the pair shift to discussing immigration. Robertson declared that repealing the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 — which abolished the racial quota system for immigration — should be a priority. He said doing so would “drop us from a million immigrants a year to a quarter of a million.”

Robertson said he believed he could win over anti-immigrant African-Americans in his cause as well.

He advised that white people tell black people, for example, that in Asian and Jewish neighborhoods the stores are Asian and Jewish-owned and operated respectively. However, if you “go into the black neighborhood and you go into a store, some Pakistani guy owns it and some Indian guy works there.”

Bateman thought this strategy to pit these groups against one another was futile because black political movements are failures. Bateman said this is because African-Americans have no agency and black political movements must be propped up by whites and Jews to be effective.

“Even the black middle class is kinda propped up by government contractors, they’re unable to make anything themselves,” Bateman said.

He added that “most of the dysfunction you see within their communities, including the out-of-wedlock births, it’s just by default genetics,” and chalked it up to the “habits and traits they picked up and acquired from natural evolutionary processes in Africa.”

Bateman also said most black nationalists believe that “the way to get back [at] whitey is pretty much to take his woman and to produce mongrels,” and called black people “ignorant” and a “very superstitious group of people.” Robertson agreed with the latter remark, saying he “observed a great deal of superstition” among black people.

Later on Bateman and Robertson discuss the best way to enlighten people on the “Jewish Question” — a phrase with Nazi roots that is often abbreviated as “JQ.” “Whenever you try to explain the nature of the JQ to a normie, you have to recognize the fact that they’re programmed to turn off,” Robertson warned. Instead, he said people must “work within the confines of the programming.”

To that end, Robertson suggested a word that could apply to Jews but that would sound like it doesn’t apply to all Jews — which he believes will make their antisemitic propaganda more palatable.

“But there is one word, and this word has been so useful to me in speaking with normal people, in speaking with college professors, and even speaking with Jews themselves,” he said. “This word is very useful. That word is ‘loxist.'” He defined “loxism” as the “Jewish cultural hatred of white Europeans,” and believes using it as a substitute for “Jew” will be more effective.

“When you don’t talk about the Jews, but you do talk about loxists, and you point at Tim Wise, or at Noel Ignatiev, or at Barbara Lerner Spectre, and you don’t say ‘Look at this Jew‘ you say ‘Look at this loxist,’ they’re willing to listen to you,” Robertson asserted.