The 2019 AWM Year In Review

It’s time once again to look back at our clusterfuck of a year — which, at Angry White Men, means a whole lot of racist, antisemitic, and all around stupid bullshit. It was the third year of the Trump presidency, and blackpilled (see, disaffected) white supremacists ditched the alt-right label in favor of “America First” politics or violent threats.

2019 saw a rise in mass murders associated with white supremacy — from a pair of mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand to a synagogue in Poway, CA to a Walmart in El Paso, TX to a kebab shop in Halle, Germany. Some former alt-righters came to embrace “accelerationism” and hailed the murderers as “saints.”

Meanwhile, far-right extremists escalated their fight against anti-fascists, both in the streets and online.

Right-wing propagandist Andy Ngo (formerly of Quillette and now of The Post Millennial) saw his profile rise after he was filmed taking a milkshake and punch to the head at a Patriot Prayer rally in August. But his credibility cratered after his role in last year’s attack on Portland’s Cider Riot was revealed by a left-wing infiltrator.

So after a year of terrorism, impeachment, presidential debates, and phony outrages over drag queen story hour and concrete milkshakes, here’s the top ten Angry White Men posts in order of popularity:

1) ‘My Ancestors Fucking Enslaved Those Pieces Of Fucking Shit,’ Richard Spencer Shrieks In Leaked Audio
By now who doesn’t know “dapper” white nationalist Richard Spencer is a gigantic racist? The answer is pretty much no one outside of Jake Tapper. So few were shocked by the post-Unite the Right audio in which Spencer screamed that Jews and non-whites should be “ruled” by people like him. But the audio, leaked by penniless alt-right clown Milo Yiannopoulos, was instructive insofar as it revealed that white nationalism is just white supremacy by another name.

2) Congressional Candidate Who Claims White People Are ‘Being Replaced By Third World Peasants’ Attracts Attention Of VDARE
Some white nationalists have banded together in an attempt to revive what they see as the glory of Trump’s 2015-2016 presidential campaign. To that end they’ve branded themselves “groypers” or “America First” conservatives and waged war against “Conservatism, Inc.” And with former Big League Politics blogger, Pete D’Abrosca, the groypers finally had a candidate to rally behind. This exposé of D’Abrosca shows the anti-immigrant candidate’s fondness for white nationalists and their talking points. Plus it pissed him off, which is a bonus.

3) Patrick Little And Paul Nehlen Are Feuding Over How To Start A Race War
What’s funnier than Neo-Nazis fighting one another? Neo-Nazis fighting one another in real time on a crummy online show. Early this year white supremacist goons Patrick Little and Paul Nehlen had a major falling out over how to kick off the race war that will usher in a white ethnostate once and for all. And lo the schadenfreude was glorious.

4) White Nationalists Have Been Quietly Collecting Donations Through A Livestreaming Site
In an article that kicked off several smaller skirmishes in the white nationalist movement, this piece exposed how racist extremists were using the website Streamlabs to earn money. White nationalist users included the Heel Turn Network, Red Ice, Goy Talk, and Nick Fuentes. After this article was published Streamlabs banned all the users mentioned in it, and the Heel Turn Network collapsed altogether.

5) ‘Learn To Code’: The Alt-Right’s Latest Anti-Journalist Meme Is Based On A Lie
2019 was unfortunately a year for mass layoffs in media. White nationalists, eager to strike back at the journalists who reported on them, concocted a mass harassment campaign which centered around the taunt “learn to code.” Supposedly this was in retaliation for journalists telling coal miners the same thing, but as with all things alt-right, their claim was based on a foundation of bullshit.

6) White Supremacists Boast About Crashing TPUSA Event
Back to the groypers with this article, which breaks down the new “America First” movement and its ties to white nationalists like Vincent Foxx of The Red Elephants and Nick Fuentes of America First! While conservatives struggled to put together why racists were suddenly interrupting their events, this article showed what they were saying behind the scenes.

7) Right-Wing Outlets Keep Relying On A Racist Troll Posing As A Researcher
Over the summer, right-wing media outlets made the claim that mainstream journalists were collaborating with anti-fascist activists and said they had the data to prove it. That data, it turns out, came from an Irish-born researcher named Eoin Lenihan. The problem? Lenihan’s study wasn’t just fatally flawed, Lenihan himself had actually been operating as a racist troll named “Progdad” on Twitter where he habitually harassed people.

8) Logos Rising: An Antisemitic Self-Styled Theologian Is Influencing A New Generation Of Reactionaries
What happens when white nationalists have a religious revival? You get antisemitic crackpots like E. Michael Jones, that’s what. Jones has spent decades peddling bigotry in the name of the Catholic Church and, thanks to white nationalist podcasters, he was once again saved from obscurity in 2019.

9) Eoin Lenihan Cracks Jokes About AIDS With A White Supremacist In A Recently Unearthed Video
After I published my first piece on Eoin Lenihan and his disturbing alter ego, I was alerted to the possibility that he had done a YouTube show with open white supremacist Paul Nehlen. After scouring the Internet I found an archived version, and the results were damning. Far from exposing Nehlen’s hatred, as he claimed, Lenihan encouraged it, leaving egg on the faces of his supporters.

10) White Supremacists Mourn The Death Of Eugenicist And Hate Group Founder John Tanton
The modern anti-immigrant movement would be nothing without eugenicist John Tanton. Tanton’s fingerprints are all over modern white nationalist groups, like FAIR, NumbersUSA, and CIS to name a few. The racist ophthalmologist passed away in mid July at age 85, and no one outside the white nationalist movement seemed to care.

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