Headlines — 11/21/19

Leaked emails show how Stephen Miller used Breitbart to attack Marco Rubio, TPUSA events are being swarmed by white nationalists, Neo-Nazi Hal Turner spreads a rumor about China dropping a nuke in the ocean, and more.

The Guardian – White nationalists are openly operating on Facebook. The company won’t act.
VICE News – Nearly all mass shooters since 1966 have had 4 things in common.
Hatewatch – Miller turned to Breitbart to promote political agenda.
Right Wing Watch – Conservative campus orgs struggle to grapple with swarms of white nationalists.
Media Matters – Fox News and CNN hardly covered Stephen Miller’s white nationalist emails.
The Daily Beast – Laura Loomer’s ‘nonsensical’ lawsuit killed by judge.
The Atlantic – Trump’s white nationalist vanguard.
BBC News – Durham Neo-Nazi teenager convicted of planning terror attack.
Gizmodo – No, China did not detonate a nuke in the South China Sea to signal the start of WWIII.