David Duke Says He Believes In A ‘Natural Lifestyle’ And That Poor Diets Cause Homosexuality

During the Veterans Day edition of his eponymous online show, ex-Klan leader and perennial candidate David Duke went on a bizarre tangent about health and wellness. As he told listeners, he supports a “natural lifestyle,” and that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and heterosexual relationships — because why not?

“I believe in natural diets. I believe in a natural lifestyle,” said Duke, who, like other white nationalists, believes in harmful dieting myths. He continued by saying that he believes in getting “enough sleep,” access to “light waves that affect us the same way as our ancestral ancestors,” and that a “normal, natural, healthy, heterosexual, mother-and-father family” is “natural.”

“[T]here’s no question that Europeans evolved this way,” Duke said. “With a reproductive strategy that way.”

He complained that the media has “made trillions of dollars” from promoting “cancer-causing” drugs, as well as “every sort of nasty, destructive junk food that destroys us, and lifestyle that destroys us.” Duke, who once remarked that the “miracle of AIDS” is that it “turns fruits into vegetables,” said that homosexuality was one of these destructive “lifestyle[s].”

And then things somehow got even weirder, with Duke speculating on the cause of homosexuality.

“And I think there’s a lot of homosexuals today that are being produced, in fact, by this unnatural diet where even women are eating these foods and plastics — these plastic substances, and a lot of pesticides on them, and even growth hormones in the food and so forth,” Duke opined.

“And the pesticides themselves are oestrogenic, and I think that affects the development of the fetus in the womb when there’s huge scientific evidence to this fact.” (Duke offered no scientific evidence to back up this claim.)

This sounds like Duke believes that the cause of homosexuality is chemical or biological as opposed to a learned behavior. In fact, he seemed to acknowledge as much, but reiterated that he finds it abhorrent nonetheless. “And yeah, it is natural, in the sense that scarlet fever is natural, that HIV is a natural pathogen,” he said.

Just a reminder that this man is treated like a mentor by younger racists with whom he maintains a friendly relationship, including Mike Peinovich and Joseph Jordan of The Right Stuff, Going Free host Jason Köhne, and Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice.