Jason Köhne: Get People Who Oppose White Nationalism ‘Out Of Your Lives’

During the November 10, 2019 episode of his Going Free YouTube show, white nationalist Jason Köhne told viewers that they should cut “anti-white” people out of their lives. (This includes friends and, presumably, family members as well.) “Anti-white,” in this case, appears to be anyone who rejects white nationalist ideology.

While Köhne personally rejects the term “white nationalist,” instead preferring the term “white wellbeing,” his beliefs are indistinguishable from those of self-proclaimed white nationalists.

In the past Köhne has defended apartheid and claimed that there “is no America without the white race.” In July Köhne advocated building statues in honor of Neo-Nazi leader William Pierce and antisemite Revilo P. Oliver. He has also called “miscegenation” a “danger” to white people.

“This is the other thing, ladies and gentlemen: Don’t keep these pieces of human filth in your life,” he told his audience. “The anti-whites will not tolerate you if they know that you care about the welfare of white babies.” Köhne claimed such people believe it is “immoral” to “protect white babies.”

He advised them to “[g]et rid of every one of every one of those people” and stop tolerating them in the first place.

“Kick these people out of your lives,” he continued. “The next time somebody says that — talks that way in front of you, you just stand up and say ‘Why are you such an anti-white prick?’ You put them on the spot. You make them tolerate your love for Westernkind, for white civilization.”

Köhne also said that he and the people who believe like him are the “supremely moral” ones, while people who oppose their ideology want “white children to feel guilty” about who they are.

Köhne’s advice about cutting people out of one’s life is reminiscent of “deFOOing” — a practice of ostracizing one’s family of origin. DeFOOing was coined by Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian white nationalist and pseudo-philosopher who has been likened to a cult leader by some.