‘Daily Shoah’ Hosts: Republicans Should Have To ‘Hold Their Noses’ And ‘Vote For White Nationalists’ In Order To Win

In the wake of the Democratic Party’s gains in Virginia and Kentucky, the hosts of The Daily Shoah — a white nationalist and antisemitic podcast — claimed that the only way forward is for Republicans to embrace white nationalism. The Democrats ousted unpopular Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and took the House and Senate in Virginia.

The hosts’ reaction was of annoyance — not at these particular losses but over their belief that the Republican Party has done little if anything that would benefit white Americans. Co-host Jesse “Sven” Dunstan read off a tweet suggesting that GOP extremism — e.g., transphobia and xenophobia — cost them in the elections, but said the opposite was true.

Dunstan said the trend of Republican losses was “really bad” because it was a sign that “the SWPLs and the brown people [are] taking over.” (SWPL stands for “stuff white people like” and as an acronym usually refers to educated white liberals.) He added that, in a way, he was “glad” they lost because “they offer nothing.”

“There’s no wall, there’s no transphobia, there’s no xenophobia,” he complained. “There’s nothing!”

“The Republican Party, it should just be a white nationalist party,” said co-host Mike “Enoch” Peinovich. He said that if it were the case and “they openly advocated that way they would win.” Dunstan said that “normies [should] have to hold their fucking noses” and vote for white nationalists instead of vice versa. Peinovich agreed, saying “Exactly. That’s how it should work.”

Peinovich said that “Trump proved” that their policy positions would not cost the Republicans votes in an election, and urged them to once again embrace extremism in 2020. “You activate the more radical people — the people that are more interested in race, the people that are more interested in immigration — get them on your side and get them to be out there hardcore for you,” he said.

He went on to say that white Kentuckians “love that shit.”

“You go out there, you go out to Kentucky, and you start talkin’ like a straight white nationalist, you’re gonna get all those people comin’ out to vote, man,” Peinovich said. If Republicans fail to do so, on the other hand, they will instead “stay home in their trailer parks” and “load up on shotguns.”

Peinovich decried attempts by Republicans to woo over Latino voters — referencing a line by conservative pundit Charlie Kirk about “stapl[ing] a green card” behind immigrants’ diplomas — and mocked the idea that they can teach “fuckin’ Mexican barrio dwellers about free markets.”

We’re gonna teach these fuckin’ little squatemalans about free markets and now they’re gonna vote for us?” he asked derisively.

Later he said that white people need to band together and vote as a bloc due to demographic changes. “If we could get together, and work together, we can — even if there’s only 25% [of white people] — that’s what’s gonna have to happen,” he said, adding that it’s “gonna be that level of demographic swamping of us that we’re just gonna have to fight on that ground.”

This rhetoric echoes claims made by other far right pundits, like Pat Buchanan, who warned in late August that “Texas is fading away” due to the state’s non-white population. Fox News host Laura Ingraham — whose show Buchanan appeared on — blamed Republican losses in Virginia on “demographic changes” and a “foreign-born population.”

Patrick Crusius, the white supremacist who allegedly murdered 22 people at an El Paso Walmart in early August, wrote in his manifesto that he was motivated by these same demographic changes. ““Losing Texas and a few other states with heavy Hispanic population to the Democrats is all it would take for them to win nearly every presidential election,” he wrote.