Headlines — 11/05/19

Victims of racist hate crimes are told to “go back” to their own countries, white nationalist Greg Johnson is arrested in Norway, Tree of Life massacre survivors continue to feel pain a year later, and more.

HuffPost – Go back to your country, they said.
Dame – The tiresome demand to coddle Republicans.
Unicorn Riot – Missouri GOP volunteer tied to Neo-Nazi group.
The Daily Beast – Richard Holzer, white supremacist, charged with plot to bomb Colorado synagogue.
Haaretz – Men dressed as Jews hand out Holocaust denial flyers at Boulder mall.
Right Wing Watch – Angelo John Gage spreads hate with a Twitter blue-check.
VICE News – The German branch of a U.S. Neo-Nazi group has a ‘kill list’ of left-wing politicians.
BuzzFeed News – One year from Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, young Jews feel the pain.
The New York Times – American white nationalist is arrested in Norway.
Politico – The massacre that spawned the alt-right.